portrait of Josephine Bergin

About Josephine Bergin

Like minds love design. I find inspiration in everything—the small and the mighty, the mundane and the wonderful—and partner with clients who, like me, are passionate about great design. Design with meaning, creativity and heart that makes an impact.

I started my consultancy in 2003 to work with these kinds of clients, either as a sole designer or as part of an agency or in-house creative team. The process of sitting down and listening is the one I love the most; it’s an extraordinary feeling to be able to capture a mood, moment or personality into a solution that gets noticed.

But sometimes it takes a talented village to bring larger-scale projects to fruition. That’s why I’ve developed close relationships with writers, web developers, photographers, printers, producers and beyond.

Here’s a bit about my background. I hold an MA in publication design from the University of Baltimore and gained a wealth of experience in a variety of design settings, including in-house, publications and advertising. At UMBC and Boston University I kept budding designers on their toes as an adjunct professor, and I’m now teaching my young twins the importance of white space, proper kerning and how to find joy and inspiration anywhere.